About Me:  This is my seventh year teaching kindergarten at St. Patrick School. I love it! Previously I worked at the Steward School in Topsfield, MA for 10 years as a kindergarten partner teaching Health and Science and working in a kindergarten activity day program. I taught Gymboree, Kinder Music and Gym Music for the 14 years prior that.

I have been married for 34 years and have two talented and beautiful daughters. I am second of 7 children and have lived in Massachusetts my whole life.

I am interested in everything but I love kayaking, yoga, reading, traveling, biking, walking, boating, music, live entertainment and most of all my family.


Salem State College 1985 B.S. in Early Childhood Ed

Salem State University 2006 M.A in Early Childhood Ed

Memorable Teaching Moment:  I had an extremely active class of 15 boys and 9 girls and was constantly reminding them that there was a time and a place for everything since someone was always doing something that was more appropriate for being somewhere other than school. There was one child in particular. At the end of the year the room mother asked each child what they learned in Kindergarten to put on an end of the year gift. That child said, there is” a time and a place”.

Favorite Quote:

“If we wish to create a lasting peace, we must begin with the children”

-Mahatma Ghandi

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Mary Alice Janice – Kindergarten Teacher