March 2017

The new Next Generation Science Standards are based on a three dimensional learning approach: Practices, cross-cutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas.  “The practices describe behaviors that scientists engage in as they investigate and build models and theories about the natural world and the key set of engineering practices that engineers use as they design and build models and systems.”

Grade 1A students have been fortunate this year to participate in innovative and captivating science practices in the classroom.  Mrs. Scott and Dr. Paul have graciously donated their time and knowledge to come in and teach the students about the wonders of science and the world around us.  They generously supplied the materials as well.

These photos show Dr. Paul and the students dissecting owl pellets.  Everyone was so engaged and enjoying the hands on learning about nature.

The following photos show Mrs. Scott teaching the students about solids, liquids and polymers.  Specifically silly putty, a non-Newtonian fluid.  Every student in the class made their own putty and could not wait to use it!

1st Grade “Practices” Science