img_1742November 2016

The eighth grade class just completed group projects related to language arts under the direction of Mrs. Baio, middle school language arts teacher. The class was divided into five teams working for a fictitious advertising / marketing company. They were assigned the task of planning a weekend excursion to experience the beauty of the fall foliage in any of the six New England states. Students selected a particular state, and then rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Advertising teams had to research, plan, and create a brochure to advertise the attractions, hotel accommodations, local restaurants, places of worship, and a variety of outdoor activities that a visitor to the state could experience related to the autumn season.img_1642

These enterprising students were also required to design a t-shirt, a post card, a magnet, and a bumper sticker as

possible souvenir items that a visitor might purchase as a keepsake of their trip. The entire project was completed during school hours and was the culmination of a unit study on complex sentences with adjective and adverb clauses. The students were required to include this grammatical element into the text of the brochure and related souvenir items.

St. Patrick School teachers were asked to cast a vote for the advertising team that they felt completed the project fulfilling ALL the required elements with creativity and proper grammar in writing.  The results of the voting will be announced on Monday, November 14. The winning advertising team will be rewarded for their hard work by Principal Fontana.  That team will have the opportunity to design a t-shirt for St. Patrick School that will be printed and sold as well as create a brochure that will help give prospective families the student perspective of St. Patrick School.

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8th Grade Advertising Agency