The school, and everyone working in it, for it, with it, are doing great things.  I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with the school so far and the direction it’s going.  We are new this year, but will be around for a while with Nicholas just being 5. I’m excited with what’s to come, and I feel there’s a vision, a strong, solid vision.

-Maria Damico, Parent

It is with great pleasure and pride that we write this letter to you and your staff regarding our seven children and Saint Patrick School.

Three of our children have graduated from Saint Patrick School, (Marie 2013, Peter 215 and Emanuel 2016) and are currently attending Arlington Catholic High School.

Our eldest, Marie, is a senior at ACHS and is in either Honors or AP classes for all subjects.  She will be attending Emmanuel College in the fall of 2017 with most of her tuition covered by merit scholarships.  Peter, a sophomore at ACHS, is also doing well (although Spanish is his nemesis!).  Emanuel, a freshman at ACHS is on track for honors this term.  All three children were well prepared academically and spiritually to attend a college preparatory school with their education at St. Pats.

Next is Michael, an honor student in seventh grade, Joseph our voracious reader in third grade, Lucia award winning penmanship Kindergartener and Gianna a lover of all books in Pre-K.

We are confident our children at St. Pats are well educated, safe and wrapped in a blanket of our devout faith each and every day of school.  Choosing St. Pats for our elementary education has and will be a most rewarding choice for our family.

Thank you for your time and all you do.

-Linda and Peter Donovan, Parents

Dear Principal Fontana, I wanted to fill you in on something that happened today during the lunch hour in the parking lot at St. Patrick. I’m a daily mass attendee and have been a parishioner at St. Patrick’s for many years.  I am grateful that we have been able to park in the parking lot during these Lenten noontime masses.  That, in itself, is such a blessing…and I suspect a sacrifice for the students (giving up part of their playground).  It does not go unappreciated; I regularly hear people commenting on what a blessing this is. I, personally, enjoy seeing the students each day and all the wonderful energy they have.  I pray for them each time I walk by.

For the past few weeks, there have been two beautiful, young, female students opening the door for us as we approach the church from the back parking lot, welcoming us to mass.  The teachers have been doing an heroic job protecting our safe passage through the throng of joyful students (sometimes even running interference for us).  But today, it all went to a new level.  As I approached the back door to enter the church, there were about 14 students lined up in two rows before the door.  Not only did they joyfully welcome us, they gave us high-fives, encouragement, and really cheered us on. (How could you not love this?)  It reminded me of football games when the cheerleaders line up in two rows to cheer on their team’s football players (the people whom many look to as “heroes”).  But here we were (the earthly saints, as St. Paul calls us) being cheered on by these loving students, as if to say, “Great job!  Continue the race!  Go team!”  This is such a prophetic picture of the larger church family: the church in heaven (the Church Triumphant) which is cheering us on every day as we (the Church Militant) “fight the good fight” and continue the battle on earth.  Whichever student or teacher thought this up is brilliant and deserves great praise.  The only thing missing was the band playing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”   Perhaps the angels were singing this in heaven.

St. Patrick School students (and teachers) are AWESOME.  We love you all. Thank you for making us feel part of the family.  May God bless you super-abundantly.

 -Theresa Visconti, Parishioner

In a letter written about our St. Patrick’s Day assembly and a St. Pat’s student who was the winner of the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum Essay Contest…

Today was a true testament to the value of having our children educated at St. Patrick School.   This young man was surrounded by supportive teachers and students who have been there along the way for Nico.  It is a real community, a sense of family.  The fact that an 11 year old boy could stand up there in front of this large audience and read his story so eloquently about something so personal, is just invaluable – there’s no price that can be placed on that.  For anyone that might be questioning the value of their education at St. Patrick School, I ask them to remember what they felt or what their children felt today at the assembly because I don’t think you will find that anywhere else.

-Pamela Blessing, Parent

The following are excerpts taken from the responses to an anonymous parent survey conducted in the Fall of 2016 

*Super supportive of the children, wonderful social environment. My child feels safe, loved and thinks the world of his teachers.

*The teachers are extremely dedicated and the relationships between the teachers and parents are professional and uniquely caring.

*Creates and safe, loving, and disciplined learning environment for the children. The teachers are excellent!

*Teaching ELA, Religion, and, honestly, each of the subjects, both academic and Specials. My child has excelled in writing which I attribute to the teaching of Saint Patrick School over all her years there.

*St. Patrick school has a wonderful sense of community, and I really appreciate the formation of the entire person that each child undergoes. I believe that children leave St. Patrick school as well-rounded individuals that are kind, compassionate and caring in addition to being academically prepared for life beyond St. Pat’s.

*It is a welcoming, safe learning environment that fosters learning. The faculty follows through with all students so that truly no child is left behind.

*They oversee their students well. There is a close connection and communication between the students, children, and parents. They encourage families to be involved in the school environment.

*Outstanding administration and academic involvement. Everyone is caring and kind.

*They communicate very well with the parents on all levels.

*Sense of community and events for the kids. Teachers have been huge asset. They care so much for the students and the school.

*The curriculum is strong! The teachers are nice for the most part and approachable!

*Teaches the students to be respectful of others and to be themselves. Also, addresses the “bullying” issue very well.

*Saint Patrick’s has high expectations for its students. The curriculum is challenging and requires the students to work hard in order to excel.

*Very lively and active parish and school. showing every child, love, respect and kindness.

*Community environment, parent presence is huge and important- fosters inclusive atmosphere and preparing the kids academically by learning personal responsibility and knowing how to study and personal time management.