About Me:    Teaching for 20 years has been a joyful experience with the last 7 years spent at St. Patrick School.   Along with raising a family, some other enjoyable activities have been dancing, studying languages and spending summers in Maine.

Education:  After enjoying a short career in business, I acquired my B.S. in Elementary Education and my Masters of Education in Early Childhood Studies from Salem State College.

Memorable Teaching Moment:  I have had many memorable teaching moments but one in particular comes to mind.  During the winter months I introduce the letter W and we talk about words that begin with the sound…whale…winter..etc.  At center choice time, one of my 4 year olds noticed that the “Writing Center” began with W.  She asked me how that was possible because it’s a W and not an R!  Especially love my job on days like that!

Favorite Quote:

My favorite quote is one that reflected my Mom’s optimistic attitude and one that I still have faith in:

Tomorrow is a new day- Viola McCarthy (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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Carol Stoffel – Pre-K Teacher