Dear community,

There is no Weekly Wrap this week as I have been in meetings or on conference calls all week. Please know that as soon as I get information from any authority, I share it with all of you. This is an unprecedented situation that we are all facing and can change in a moment. I am blessed that I have a great working relationship with the local officials and principals.

In the meantime:

  • We do respectfully ask that you or your loved one refrain from being in contact with the students/staff if you have traveled to or from any of the impacted areas or were at the large Boston convention. Most importantly, stay home if you or your child are ill. 
  • All field trips will be suspended. Many of the locations have reached out that they are closed. We will monitor the situation. If things change, we can revisit this.
  • All teachers are working on remote/distance learning opportunities if we are forced to close for an indefinite amount of time.There are no current plans to do this, but we feel it is best to be prepared in case we are in a position of need to do so.  
  • We have postponed our regional professional development day on Friday, 3/20. The regional principals and I met on Tuesday and we thought it best to postpone our large PD day until October. As a faculty we will still meet on Friday while the kids are not in school. 
  • Our Facilities Dept. continues to disinfect all surfaces that students and staff come in contact with.

Please know that our priority is to keep our students and staff safe. We ask that you have discussions with your child, as we have, about proper hygiene, including washing hands, sneezing/coughing in the arm, keeping hands away from the face. We also ask the students to refrain from using jokes or negative language about the health/mental health of others. Many children are anxious about what they are hearing and it is our responsibility to keep them calm in a very trying time. I will continue to provide regular updates, which can change hourly, and am grateful for your patience on this fluid situation.

Again, the most current information can be found:
· (Center for Disease Control)
· (Boston Children’s Hospital)
· (MA Department of Public Health)


Mrs. Magazzu

Mrs. Bailey Magazzu, M. Ed. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020