Intermediate Team

4th Grade             5th Grade

The intermediate grades at Saint Patrick School focuses on developing the whole child mentally, academically, and spiritually. This development is coupled with instilling core values rooted in Catholicism. As Jesus is our model of who we are, we are that model for students. We teach students to be positive and accepting of forgiveness with themselves and others. Students must learn to accept each other for who they are and be comfortable to share their gifts and talents. Additionally, they must welcome and embrace others’ gifts and talents. Our Catholic faith allows us to establish wholesome and genuine relationships throughout life, which flows into all parts of our daily lives. As Catholics we teach it, learn it, and breathe it together. “I teach, you teach, together we learn” is a journey through life. Let your Catholic faith be your compass.

4th Grade Rocks and Minerals

5th Grade Life Science: Getting Creative with Cells