About Me:  My name is Jenny Quigley and I am a Spanish teacher.  I am the mother to Michael and Will, two amazing young boys, who are students at St. Patrick School.  I was raised in Ipswich and my love for the Spanish language began at the Ipswich Middle School.  I was inspired to learn a new language by my 7th grade teacher, and that love only grew stronger as I continued to learn Spanish in High School.  I graduated from Ipswich High School and knew that I wanted to learn more, so I majored in Spanish at Stonehill College.  There, I had the opportunity to not only use the Spanish language in my classes but to also go abroad to live and work in Spain.  For just over a semester, I lived with a Spanish family and taught English in grades 3-12 at el Ságrado Corazón in Zaragoza. Being able to live in and become part of a foreign culture is an experience that shaped me into the person and teacher I am today.

Once I returned from Spain, I student taught in the United States at both the middle and high school levels.  After graduating from Stonehill College, I began my teaching career at North Reading High School.  I taught all levels of Spanish and was the varsity field hockey coach and assistant girls basketball coach for several years.  I held the position of Curriculum Chairperson for 2 years and chaired the Assessment team during a NEASC Accreditation visit.  I was very fortunate to chaperone several trips abroad, including international exchange programs to Managua, Nicaragua and Mexico City, Mexico.  While teaching in North Reading, I earned my Masters of Arts in Education from Salem State University.  I was very lucky to have had 15 wonderful years teaching high school Spanish at North Reading High School.

Outside of school, I love to go on adventures with my family.  My husband, my sons and I like to make the most of our time together and we spend most of our weekends either on a lacrosse field, soccer field or inside a hockey rink.  I am an avid Boston sports fan and enjoy watching all of our New England teams play.  I love to coach, so I help out as much as possible with the youth sports teams in Stoneham.  In my down time, I like to read, do projects around the house and spend quality time with family and friends.  I enjoy traveling to different parts of the world and look forward to taking my sons back to Spain one day in the near future and introducing them to the culture that has my heart.

My goal in teaching students is to open their minds to other cultures, and to inspire a love and appreciation of a foreign language.  By studying a foreign language, students can become more aware of other cultures and respect other customs as well as gain a deeper understanding of their cultures and beliefs.   By teaching students Spanish, I hope learn from their experience and to inspire them to see the all beauty the language and Spanish-speaking cultures have to offer.


  • BA in Spanish from Stonehill College
  • Master of Arts in Education from Salem State University

Memorable Moments:  Some of my proudest moments have been when former students reach out and let me know about their Spanish speaking adventures, and several students have even fallen in love enough with the language and culture to live abroad (and a few have even become Spanish teachers themselves!).

Favorite Saying:   One of my favorite sayings comes from Costa Rica

“¡Pura Vida!”

which means the pure life. My interpretation of this expression is to live one’s life in the purest form and to appreciate all the pure beauty in the world.

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Jennifer Quigley – Spanish Teacher