University of Massachusetts: Lowell

  • BA: Music Studies – June of 2005.
  • MME: Community Music – June 2016.
  • MME: Teaching – June 2016.
  • Preliminary MA Teaching Licensure.

Teaching experience:

~Private taught instrumental music lessons for 15+ years in a variety of instruments; piano being my specialty.

~Built and led a Rock Band program at a previous studio.

~Integrated tech into the creation of instruments as well as digital musicking through UMass:Lowell’s Creative Sound Play program under the String Project.

~Built and ran a personal music website:

~Taught as a long-term ITS substitute teacher in the computer lab at the Bartlett Community Partnership School.

~Student Teaching at Washington Elementary in Lowell and Bedford HS

~Music internship at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell

Instruments I play or specialize in:

My primary instrument is piano. I have played:

25+ years: Piano & Trumpet.

15+ years: F Horn.

5+ years: Guitar, Trombone, Saxophone, Flute & Drums.

Musical achievements:

I consider my greatest achievements my students; their love of music and creation are an inspiration.

Favorite musical artists:

This list is in constant fluctuation…

My current favorites (with links!)

Ok Go

Sergio Rachmaninoff

Joe Hisaishi


Other fun facts:

I love to challenge myself and my students to get out of the comfort zone and create something new; whether it’s recording a self-choreographed video, composing original material, playing with new musicians, or something as simple as playing a new instrument or learning a new song.

Contact Me:

Julie Rousseau – Music Teacher