November 10, 2016

Officer Harold MacGilvray is a Medford K9 unit police officer.  He and his K9 partner, Marco, visited St. Patrick School two years ago for a presentation with some other officers from local departments.  He was originally invited to read a story titled Aero and Officer Mike to the 3rd graders about a police officer and his K9 and ended up speaking with most of the school.  This year, Officer MacFilvray came back to St. Patrick School and he was joined by Officer Michael Polston from the Malden Police Department and Trooper Brian Cooper from the MA State Police and their K9 partners.

The officers first met with the PreK through 2nd grade and did a show and tell program with their dogs.  They introduced their dogs and talked about how they train the dogs and some of the equipment that they use with the dogs.

The officers then met with the 3-8 students and were able to get into more detail about the jobs that they and their K9 partners perform as officers of the law.  They demonstrated to the students how the K9’s searched for narcotics and even put a bite sleeve on an officer and had a K9 pursue and detain the “bad guy”.  They also made sure to highlight the difference between a working K9 and an off-duty K9.  Officer MacGilvray, Officer Polston and Trooper Cooper left time at the end for a Q&A with the students and gave them the opportunity to pet the dogs and see what the inside of their cars and SUV’s looked like.

A huge thank you from all of St. Patrick School goes to the Medford Police Department, the Malden Police Department, and MA State Police and all the officers that serve and protect us every day!

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K9 Police Demonstration at St. Patrick School