Congratulations to rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students on all the hard work you have done during the year!  The PDFs can be downloaded and printed if you misplace the paper packet that was distributed in class.  You may refer to the textbook which remains open to rising 7th and 8th graders online on We encourage you to also use other resources such as IXL or Kahn Academy.   The instructions follow:


  1. Please complete the math packet over the course of the 10 weeks of summer vacation.   ALL WORK SHOULD BE SHOWN and is to be done on a separate piece of paper, this should be attached and passed in along with the summer work.  Highlight or circle your answer on the worksheets. Even if you did the work in your head, write the numbers you used and/or a key word to let us know what you were thinking to find the answer.  Your grade is dependent upon the work you show.
  1. Answer keys will be provided.  Check your work and correct (with a different color pen) (initial the page and date it when you correct it).  Use the answer to work backwards and try to find your error.
  2. This work will be your first test grade 🙂
  3. Summer work is due the first day of school.

Our goal is to maintain consistency.  Please do not wait until August to do all of the pages or rush through them before the end of June.  An honest job on this work will make next year’s learning easier as you will not have to revisit any of the concepts this work covers.

Please click on the below links to download summer math packets (and answers) for middle school students

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade