Physical Education offers a positive learning environment that is focused on learning and participating in an atmosphere of respect and support from teachers and peers.

Activities are designed that allow children the opportunity to work together for the purpose of developing social skills and responsible behavior.

Physical Education scope and sequence is based on goals and objectives that are appropriate for all children and derived from the national or state standards. Teaching methods include direct instruction, task teaching, guided discovery, problem solving, and cooperative learning.

Physical Education contributes physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially to the overall development of the child, supporting the mission statement.

Key Concepts:

* Guide youngsters in the process of becoming physically active for life,

* Promote motor skill development and physical fitness.

* Provide opportunities for goal setting, making new friends and stress reduction.

* Promote understanding, respect, and tolerance for all.

* Emphasize learning in all three domains: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective.

Skill Theme PK – 5

The fundamental objective of the physical education program is to provide opportunities for the development of motor skills and physical fitness. Students in grades PK – 5 will experience a developmentally designed program of skill and fitness development including educational games and educational dance. The following skills and fitness concepts are included:

* Body awareness

* Balancing

* Chasing, fleeing, dodging

* Kicking and punting

* Striking with implements

* Muscular strength and endurance

* Throwing and catching

* Volleying and dribbling

* Jumping and landing

* Flexibility

* Cardiorespiratory endurance

* Cooperative activities

6-8 Objectives

Skill Theme 6-8

Students in grades 6 – 8 will build on the skills taught in the lower grades and use those skills in games and problem solving activities. Those activities will include:

* Soccer

* Speedball

* Cross country

* Volleyball

* Basketball

* Football

* Wiffleball

* Hockey

* Track and Field

* Team Handball

* Cooperative games

* Weights and conditioning