Welcome to Pre-K at St Patrick School, a place where curiosity and learning go hand-in-hand. Since children learn best through play experiences, our program is center-based with developmentally appropriate activities. We provide for the whole child including social, emotional, spiritual and academic needs.

Children engage in challenging and open-ended activities that encourage them to think. We have an integrated curriculum which includes reading to foster a love for the written word, counting and sequencing to foster a love for numbers, being social and learning to be a community to foster love and respect for one another. Our age-appropriate activities are designed to introduce and strengthen cognitive and social skills. Our Pre-K graduates are ready for Kindergarten!


We use a hands-on curriculum, Everyday in Pre-K: Math, to engage students in recognizing numbers and patterns. The program also covers algebraic thinking, geometry, and concepts of measurement.

English Language Arts & Handwriting

Our curriculum guide, Splash into Pre-K, is a comprehensive program, which engages students in a variety of activities to promote improved listening, speaking, pre-reading and writing skills.

Our curriculum guide for handwriting, Zaner-Bloser, allows children the opportunity to master the printing of all uppercase letters and provides an introduction to the lower case alphabet.


Our curriculum program, I Am Special, is an interactive felt-board series of stories about Kelly Martin, a preschool student, and her family and friends. Students relate their own life experiences to the weekly lessons in a way that leads to an understanding of God’s love and care for us.

Social & Emotional Development

Our motto is to be safe, kind, and respectful to ourselves and others. Each day, we practice appropriate ways to interact within a group. We strive to master the skills of turn taking when talking, listening, asking questions and waiting for answers. Our focus is to practice using kind and caring words and actions, and to develop a sense of empathy and thinking about others. We also focus on different solutions, such as using kind words, sharing, and taking a deep breath, in order to encourage independence in solving problems and managing emotions.


Science is all around us. The discovery of our own five senses, nature’s seasonal changes, the magic of magnets, and the reasons we see rainbows are some of the themes explored in accordance with the Massachusetts State Frameworks. We explore and discover these themes through interactive and child-centered discovery experiences.

Social Studies

Belonging to our family is our first understanding of community. Through field trips and play experiences, we help the children to engage with and understand other community roles and leaders.

Health & Dramatic Arts

We are fortunate to participate in physical education, music, and art classes at St Patrick School. These classes add a dimension to our existing music & movement and art curricula. Throughout the day, we engage the students in activities that promote fine and gross motor development.

Pre-K in the News:

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