Remember all the initiatives we talked about?  Well hold on, because that is just the beginning of the progress we are making!

New Positions at St. Patrick School for next year:
IT Director/Teacher
Director of Academic Support Services
Middle School Math Teacher
What will Academic Support Services at St. Patrick School entail next year?  Click the link to find out more information!
The Academic Support Service program is one of the many great new programs and initiatives starting at St. Patrick School next year.  The program will benefit all students on a couple of different levels.  It will provide direct instruction to students in need of remedial help as well as students working well above the grade level.  Teachers will also be able to move faster through some of the content now knowing that the students in need of extra help will be supported by the Academic Support program.  This is an exciting time for all learners at St. Patrick School.
St. Patrick School is partnering with the Stone Zoo to develop a hands on, inquiry based STEM opportunity for our students in Kindergarten and 6th grade next year.  Both grades will travel to the Stone Zoo 5-6 times during the school year to work behind the scenes with the zookeepers and educational staff at the zoo.  More information for the program specifics will be upcoming!
We will be also partnering with the Stoneham Public Library to provide our K-3 students with the great opportunity to explore and learn about great benefits of a library.  The K-3 will visit the library a couple times a month during the months where walking to the library is not too cold and icy.  Students will be given the opportunity to not only check out books but will also learn how to search for books, how the books are cataloged and sorted and much more.  More details will come as the schedule is developed for next school year!
We’ve had a great response to the opening of our PreK 3 program!  Because of this great response there will be a dedicated PreK 4 classroom and a dedicated PreK 3 classroom.  Both classrooms are nearing our cap limit so if you or anyone you know is interested I encourage you to act quickly!
The first day of school next year is Wednesday, August 30th for all students, PreK 3 – 8th grade.  We will once again have an ice cream social before school starts!
The playground is a go!  
We are in the process of finalizing plans and meeting with private donors to help fund TWO proposed play areas for the playground.  One in the front of the K-3 building for the PreK 3,4 and Kindergarten and one in the parking lot where the 3 handicap parking spaces are next to the K-3 building for the 1-8 grade!  This is going to be a busy summer.  We will be raising the paddle at the Spring Auction on May 5th for your opportunity to donate to this exciting enhancement!
The Chromebook Charging Carts Have Arrived!
We recently received three carts that will house the Chromebooks for the 1:1 student to Chromebook initiative next year.  Each student in the middle school will be assigned a specific Chromebook and the 4th and 5th grade team will have 20 Chromebooks to share for writing, research, and tech learning opportunities!  The Chromebooks will arrive in 1-2 weeks and we are hoping to allow the 6th and 7th grade students to pilot them for the last month of school!
The curriculum mapping has been completed for the Algebra 1 course for our accelerated 8th grade math track!  New texts are set to be purchased and the program will be ready to implement on DAY 1 next school year!
On top of, and partly because of all these new initiatives we have already broken the cycle of losing an average of 30 students a year for the last 4 years!  Tours and new registrations are still coming in daily and the news is spreading fast about the revival and level of energy here at St. Pat’s.  Combine that with the news that Father Mario will be around for a couple more years and the future is bright here at St. Patrick School!
Principal Letter April 28th, 2017