Dear Saint Patrick School Community,

When I lived in Florida the one thing that I really missed about living up North was its seasons. If you ever lived in Florida you know that there are only two seasons down there, summer and spring. I missed the marked changed in weather, the aesthetic environment, and the changes in the people. Even though the change in seasons impacts each person differently it makes everyone consciously recognize the elapse in time and how precious each day is.

Fall happens to be my favorite season for a myriad of reasons. The autumnal equinox brings with it a crisp, invigorating air and vibrant colors that paint the hillsides. As baseball crowns its champion at the World Series, hockey and football commence their seasons. School kicks back into full swing in the fall and we get a chance to come together as a school community for events like last night for Back to School Night.

There was one thing that I missed the most about the change in seasons though and it was simply that, change. Change, while often stressful and full of challenges, brings with it new opportunities and chances to examine what we are doing and how to make it better. This is a concept that I have tried to convey to the faculty and staff here at Saint Patrick School and one that has been very well received. School life, the curriculum, the environment, the methodologies, and the policies and procedures that govern it, all need to be constantly evolving and formally assessed to make sure that we are providing the best possible education to every student.

The odds are good that you can already recognize changes that have been implemented here since the beginning of the school year. Changes in methods of staffing, communication, the students’ schedules and a general atmosphere of positivity and excitement are to name a few. Change cannot just happen without preparation and rationalization first. The faculty and staff have worked, and continue to work, extremely hard with me and within their teams to not only create a model system of best practice within Saint Patrick School but to understand and be able to communicate the rationale behind them.

I have used this quote many times before both professionally and personally because I believe it is so easily relatable and motivating. Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, believed very strongly in change and continual growth and once said:

“The simplest and most practical lesson I know…is to resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow.”

May God bless all of you and give you the strength, courage, and wisdom that you need to be better tomorrow.


Anthony Fontana

Principal Letter September 14th, 2016