Welcome Mrs. Rousseau

I am very pleased and eager to introduce the new music teacher at Saint Patrick School, Mrs. Julie Ann Rouseau.  Mrs. Rousseau started this week and we are already hearing from the students how much they like the new music teacher!

One of the things that I am always looking for in hiring a new teacher, especially a specials teacher that sees the students once a week, is whether or not I can gage their ability to make an exciting impact with the children.  I found that in hiring Ms. Shields and Mrs. Quigley and I knew right away with Mrs. Rousseau that she would be able to do this.  Her background in music and technology integration is a perfect fit for the direction that I see our arts program moving and she is an ideal complement to our new art teacher Ms. Shields.

Mrs. Rousseau has her BA in Music from the University of Massachusetts- Lowell, a Masters of Arts in Community Music from UMass-Lowell and a Master of Education in Music Teaching from UMass-Lowell.  Julie has classroom, non-profit, and private lesson experience and a wealth of exciting knowledge and lessons to share with our students.

Parking Lot Safety

Please make sure that when the bell rings at 2:40 to open up the parking lot so cars can leave that your child(ren) are not weaving through the cars to get to their car.  The purpose of the 10 minute window is to provide enough time so that this would not happen and reduce the risk of a student being put in harm’s way around the moving cars.  It you have parked and are staying for a little while after school please make sure that your child(ren) are completely cleared away from the cars.  The safety of the children is an absolute priority.

A New Policy

If you have recently emailed a teacher you may have noticed that I was cc’d on the response.  This is a new policy for the teachers that I have asked them to follow.  I have no intention on wanting to be a part of every situation that requires a parent and teacher to interact because that would be impossible.  What this does do however is allow me to have a well-rounded understanding of everything that is occurring and better understand situations if I am asked or required to be involved.  I have a great deal of trust in the faculty here because they are respected, well educated professionals in the field of education.  It is my job to help support them any way I can so that the students reap the reward of having the best teacher they can be.

Archdiocesan Principal’s Meeting

I am excited to attend my first Archdiocese of Boston Principal’s meeting tomorrow in Weston, MA.  This means that I will not be at the school tomorrow.  In this case Sister Maureen, having been a principal for many years, is equipped as the Assistant Principal to handle the administrative responsibilities of the school.

God Bless,

Anthony Fontana

Principal Letter September 21st, 2016