St. Patrick School would like the focus of the summer of 2018 to be getting all students to continue to read as much as possible!  Summer work is intended to help students maintain the skills that they have developed over the course of this last school year and the best way to do this is for students is to read, read, and read, and practice your math facts.  Please follow the link below to your incoming grade to see what required reading the teachers have assigned over the summer along with a great selection of suggested reading that the teachers have compiled.  Below is also the link to the IXL website that allows students to perform up to 10 practice math problems a day for free.  The IXL website is an excellent resource and is designed in a way that each student, no matter the grade level, can practice developmentally appropriate problems broken down by the various math strands.  We strongly encourage parents to talk with their children about the math problems they are practicing over the summer to assure that they are working on them and that they are varying the strands and skills they are practicing.  Thank you and have a great summer!

Please bring in your completed reading log the first two days of school!

Summer Reading Log 2018

Middle School

5th Grade

4th Grade

Please note 2nd and 3rd grade are dated 2017 but they are also for 2018.

3rd Grade

  2nd Grade

1st Grade




IXL Website Link