Saint Patrick School contracts with R& R Consultants to provide technology instruction to students grades K-8 once a week throughout the school year.

About R&R

R&R consultants offers one of the most complete computer programs for students and staff available to the school community. Our curriculum, which may be individualized to meet the needs of each participating school, is being utilized by students in Grades PreK to 8. Our flexible curriculum, geared to address the specific needs of students, is constantly being evaluated to ensure that the students are being taught relevant material.

Continuous training and support is provided to school administrators, administrative staff, and teachers. Our assistance has helped schools to manage their school database, track attendance, generate grade reports, create lists and mailings, log tuition accounts, and support different areas of the curriculum.

R&R is at the forefront of educational technology. R&R’s curriculum enables teachers and students to incorporate technology into their everyday experiences as they use the Internet effectively and efficiently, develop multimedia presentations, manage collaborative tools, and enhance learning – all thanks to R&R Consultants, Inc.

R&R’s program is correlated to the Common Core standards, National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), and Massachusetts Instructional Technology Standards.

The R&R curriculum follows guidelines specifying certain standards relative to the 2016 Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) Curriculum Framework released in June, 2016.  Those standards are:

  • Address core concepts in four key domains: Computing and Society, Digital Tools, Collaboration, Computing Systems, and Computational Thinking.
  • Integrate practices necessary to successfully act in a technological world.
  • Present coherent progressions of core concepts and practices from grades K to 12.
  • Complement other Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

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